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How to Make Your Back-To-School Season Easier

How to Make Your Back-To-School Season Easier

Summer is winding down and that means the return to the classroom just around the corner. Do you want to make the busy back-to-school-season easier for the whole family? We’re here to help.

Keep Your Schedule on Track

Get back into your regular daily schedule with the help of Treatlife smart switches.

Wake up softly

Set lights to gradually increase brightness over half an hour each morning to emulate sunrise and it has made life much easier by waking your kids gently.



Get ready for bed

Prepare for the first day of school - no more staying up past your bedtime! Turn your lights down low automatically at the scheduled time to help you calm your body and mind before bed.

Create a place where they can study, live and chill in their style

A child’s bedroom is usually multifunctional, serving as a place to study, entertain friends, relax, and sleep. Smart lighting makes it easier for them to set the right mood.

Help them focus on their latest essay, cram for their next math quiz, or put the finishing touches on a science project with the bright and cool light recipe.

With Treatlife entertainment lights, they can immerse themselves with surround lighting for their favorite movies, music, and games. 

With the smart lighting, you can save more time and effort - no more crawling out of bed to make sure the kids turned off the lights on the lower level - you can do it right from your phone or just with simple voice commands through your home assistants.

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