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Peace of Mind: Yard Surveillance with Treatlife Smart Devices

Alex Carter



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Feeling secure at home is priceless. You can monitor your garden and feel at ease knowing exactly what is occurring on your property with the help of smart devices from Treatlife. Let's examine how Treatlife's illumination and motion sensors can help to protect your house.

Motion Sensors

Invisible tripwires, sensors only alert users when movement is detected. They broaden your property's monitoring coverage and enhance notifications.  

Motion sensors must be placed carefully if you want to detect movement in your yard. The 20-foot range Treatlife motion sensor can be covertly installed anyplace. Use it to keep an eye on porches, side yards, driveways, and other areas.  

Additionally, you can choose when to get alerts for detection. If, for instance, you don't want to be harassed by frequent notifications when at home during the day, you can set a schedule. 

how does motion sensor work

Door Sensor

The Treatlife door sensor keeps an eye on internal doors and notifies you when one is opened. This sensor, which is made for home security, is simple to install on any door going outside your house. When the door is opened or closed, the small device's optical sensor and magnet combine to detect movement. Even when you're away, you may receive immediate smartphone notifications if the entryway is accessed by connecting the sensor to your smart home system.   

You will always be informed in real-time if someone enters or exits your home. The Treatlife sensor gives you peace of mind by monitoring activities and enabling swift responses. As a discreet security option for your exterior doors, its slender shape fits into any decor.

how does motion sensor work

Smart Lighting

Intelligent security lighting works wonders as a deterrence and detection tool. The outdoor smart lighting from Treatlife turn on when motion sensors are activated. Bright illumination deters intruders, and you may set up random timers to give the appearance that you're home while you're not.  

Alternately, set up some routines so that lights only turn on at night or while you are away. Utilize the Treatlife mobile app to manage your smart lights, or connect them to Alexa and Google Assistant.

how does motion sensor work

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring and management are centralized using the Treatlife app. Receive updates from all of your door and motion sensors on a single timeline. Verify the current status of your smart outdoor lights. Adjust the brightness and detection zones from anywhere.

how does motion sensor work

Expandable Platform

Start with one Treatlife device and expand your system over time. New Treatlife products integrate seamlessly with existing ones. Control everything through the unified Treatlife app for whole-home monitoring.

What's Next?

Indoor and outdoor security cameras will soon be available, in addition to Treatlife's current selection of motion sensors, door sensors, lighting devices, and other smart home accessories.  

The next interior camera from Treatlife will offer continuous monitoring and warnings for any activity taking place inside your house. The new outdoor camera will improve security of your yard and exterior in a similar manner.  

Through the unified control app, these security cameras will work smoothly with current Treatlife products. Expect the new indoor and outdoor cameras to offer an even higher level of protection and peace of mind for your smart home.  

With the Treatlife ecosystem monitoring your home inside and out, you can relax knowing your property is protected 24/7 by intelligent, cutting-edge devices. Smart surveillance delivers round-the-clock peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

With Treatlife sensors and lighting devices monitoring your yard, you can relax knowing your property is protected. Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 smart surveillance.