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Advanced Alexa Routine Ideas with TreatLife Smart Sensors: Incorporate Text-to-Speech

Daniel Miller



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The introduction of smart home technology has not only brought convenience to our fingertips, but it has also opened the door to limitless customization options. TreatLife offers a variety of smart sensors that can easily interact with Alexa, allowing you to personalize your smart home routines to your exact lifestyle. Alexa’s capabilities like Text-to-Speech can take the whole smart automation experience to the next level.

In this article, we'll look at several advanced Alexa routines that make use of TreatLife's Motion Sensors and Alexa’s TTS. This allows Alexa to verbally notify you when motion is detected.

Overview of TreatLife Motion Sensors

TreatLife makes a variety of inexpensive but good-quality smart home products that work with Alexa. The motion sensors can detect movement and send you instant alerts.

Alexa motion sensor routine

Advanced Alexa Motion Sensor Routines

Unusual Activity Alert Routine for Motion Sensor

Enhance your home's security by setting up a routine to alert you of any unusual activity. If the motion is detected at an odd hour, you can have Alexa announce, “Motion has been detected in the [specific room], please check”.
Set up a routine to inform you of any unexpected behavior in your home to improve its security. If the motion is detected at an unusual hour, Alexa can declare, “Motion has been detected in the [specific room], please check.”

Take a closer look at how:

Above all, make sure you have linked your TreatLife account to the Alexa App and discovered all TreatLife devices in the Alexa App. After that, launch the Alexa app, navigate to “More > Routines”, and then click on “+” to create an Alexa routine. Next, give a name to the new routine and continue to set up condition and action.


Tap “+” to add a condition. Choose “Smart Home” and then the motion sensor. Moving forward, select its status to trigger the actions. Here, we select “Detected”.


Tap “+” to add an action. Select “Alexa Says” and customize what Alexa should verbally notify you when motion is detected. Example announcement: Motion is detected at the front door.
You can set the active period for this routine. For example, when you’re reading books at home at night, such a routine is so helpful to attract your attention and tell you that there is a movement near your front door.

Announcement Device:

Last, don’t forget to select a smart speaker to announce the sensor’s status for you.
Choose announcement device for Alexa routine motion sensor

No Unusual Activity Alert Routine for Motion Sensor

You can also create routines that announce when the motion sensor detects no motion. This allows you to be notified when movement stops. For example, if the front door motion sensor detected no more motion for a certain period of time, then announce “Detect no motion for x minutes at the front door”. 
The previous routine gives you audible alerts when someone approaches your front door, and this routine lets you know that they have left for some time. Very handy for home security and awareness.

Motion sensor trigger Alexa routine

The TreatLife motion sensors combined with Alexa routines and TTS enable all kinds of advanced automation like these. With a creative idea, you can build custom routines to help monitor your home and enhance convenience. The motion sensors add reactivity and context-awareness that takes your smart home to the next level.

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