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Upgrade An Energy-Wise Smart Home in the New Year - Reduce Consumption and Costs

Daniel Miller



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The beginning of a new year is an ideal moment to assess the energy efficiency and expenses of your house. Make a commitment to cut costs and energy use this year by upgrading your house to a more eco-friendly and intelligent design. In 2024, you may improve your home energy-efficiently and financially by automating and monitoring it with Treatlife's cutting-edge smart home solutions. 

In addition to saving money, building an energy-efficient smart home is a great method to lessen your carbon footprint and environmental effect. You may help protect valuable resources and reduce your reliance on fossil fuel-generated power by reducing energy waste through automation and conservation practices. Going green helps preserve the environment for next generations.

Examine Your Home's Energy Use

To find out where energy is being wasted in your house, start by performing an energy audit. Examine for inadequate insulation, leaks around doors and windows, appliances that are getting close to the end of their useful lives, and inefficiently operating systems. Observe where and when you consume the most energy as well. Once issue areas have been identified, you can focus on giving them an efficiency makeover. 

Upgrade Lighting

The cost of lighting affects home energy expenses by about 12%. Replace energy-hungry incandescent light bulbs with LEDs that consume at least 75% less power. Treatlife's smart light bulbs are long-lasting and provide voice and app controls for automated tasks. Install smart switches or dimmer switches so you can remotely turn on and off lighting. Make use of motion sensors or door sensors to turn on lights only when necessary. Never forget to use natural light whenever you can.

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Alternate Use of Appliances

Turn off anti-crease and similar features and run full loads in cold water cycles to make efficient use of your equipment. Smart plugs can be configured to switch off power-hungry standby devices. Use large appliances during off-peak hours to reduce your energy consumption. When not in use, smart power strips switch off peripherals.

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Set Up Auto Savings

Connect smart gadgets to change the home's environment automatically according to demands and circumstances. When you leave or return home in the evening, the front door lights are automatically turned on or off using Geo-fencing. HVAC and lighting are adjusted based on occupancy and motion detection. It could also be a wake-up light in the mid-night for extra convenience. Waste is effectively reduced by automation.

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Monitor Usage

Connecting smart meters, sensors and systems allows seeing energy usage in real-time so you understand habits and catch inefficiencies early. 

Make Conservation a Habit

A smart home's energy efficiency requires more than just device installation. Create new routines to reduce waste and increase efficiency, such as shutting off lights, maximizing laundry cycles, opening shades for warmth, using fans for comfort, and other small everyday actions. Savings will increase with the adoption of thoughtful conservation habits and practices. If you find that difficult, use smart gadgets and program timers or schedules to switch them off automatically.

This new year, resolve to reduce energy consumption and cut costs by making your home smarter. Treatlife offers affordable, convenient ways to automate, monitor, and optimize home systems for maximum efficiency and savings in 2024. Which energy-saving improvements are you going to start with?