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Creative Ways to Use Treatlife Presence Sensor

Daniel Miller



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The Treatlife Presence Sensor is a neat little gadget that can detect stationary movements with high precision. While it's designed primarily for home security purposes, this affordable and compact sensor has all kinds of unexpected uses around the house. We’d like to introduce most common but creative ways to get more mileage out of the Treatlife Presence Sensor:

Automate Lighting

Mounting the presence sensor in various rooms allows you to automatically control lights based on occupancy. In the living room, it can turn lamps on when you enter, and switch them off when the last person leaves to save energy. In bedrooms, you can have it turn off lights and set the ideal sleeping temperature when everyone's in bed or wake you up with morning lighting.

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The washroom, for instance, is also one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, but also one of the biggest culprits for wasted energy. The Treatlife Presence Sensor helps automate lighting and for an eco-friendly and convenient washroom experience. If someone stays long in the washroom will trigger lighting changes.

how does motion sensor work

Extra Nursery Security Layer

Every parent knows the anxiety of wondering if their baby is still safely napping or playing in their room. The Treatlife Presence Sensor provides an easy way to automatically monitor your little one's movements without having to constantly peek in on them.

Simply mount the small sensor discretely in your baby's nursery or playroom, positioned so it has a precise detection of the crib, or other areas where they spend time. Connect it to your Treatlife App so it sends notifications to your phone or triggers other alerts like a chime whenever presence is detected or no presence is detected.

Older babies and toddlers constantly moving around can make noise-based audio monitors less effective. The presence sensor will still reliably notify you anytime your rambunctious child has gotten up from their nap or left their room unexpectedly.

While nursery cameras provide constant visibility, the presence sensor lends extra awareness of any motion and activity in the room. The combination creates a virtually foolproof monitoring system, giving parents extra peace of mind about their baby's safety and well-being. It's an affordable smart upgrade that perfectly complements your existing camera setup.

how does motion sensor work

Optimized Night Reading Environment

Whether it's winding down before bed or pulling an all-nighter studying, many people enjoy reading in the quiet hours after dark. The Treatlife Presence Sensor can help automatically customize the lighting and ambiance for the ideal night reading experience.

Mount the compact sensor near your favorite reading nook, recliner, or couch-side. Connect it to your smart lighting setup so it turns on dim, cozy lamps when you enter the area after nightfall. You can even set it to slowly raise or lower the brightness levels based on the time for easy adjustment of your eyes.

With the Treatlife Presence Sensor analyzing your nighttime activities and adjusting accordingly, you'll always have the luxurious ambiance to get fully immersed in your latest novel or textbook. It's the ultimate night reading upgrade.

By taking advantage of its ability to integrate with smart home systems, the Treatlife Presence Sensor enables all kinds of clever automation possibilities. From energy savings to security to convenience, this gadget can make your living spaces more responsive to your presence and needs.