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Get the Movie Theater Experience at Home

Daniel Miller



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Spending quality time together enjoying movies is important for families. But going out to the theater can be expensive and inconvenient. Especially when it’s icy cold outside, indoor quality events with families means a lot. With the right smart home technology from Treatlife, you can recreate an immersive cinema experience right in your own living room.

Treatlife devices allow you to transform any room into a home theater. The security cameras, lighting products, dimmer switches and smart sensors all work together to make movie nights feel like you're at the cinema. Here's how to use Treatlife products to bring theater magic home.

how does motion sensor work

Install Security Cameras

Place Treatlife indoor security cameras strategically around the room to monitor for guests, keep kids in view and discreetly record your home theater memories. Ask Alexa or Google to stream the camera live view without reaching the mobile phone.

how does motion sensor work

Set the Movie Scene Smart Lighting

Treatlife smart bulbs and dimmer switches allow you to dim and change lighting colors to create the perfect movie ambience. Slowly dim bulbs as showtime approaches.

Use Treatlife smart switches to easily control existing lights with the Treatlife App. Set schedules or timers to automate the lights and set up movie modes in advance.

Automate the Experience with Smart Sensors

Use Treatlife motion sensors to automatically brighten up your home theater lighting devices when guests arrive. This is an efficient way to alert you someone is approaching your front door. In other words, if unexpected visitors like intruders comes, you’ll be alerted right away. Smart sensors add extra peace of mind for you and your families when you’re immersed in the movie.

Treatlife products have all you need to turn movie night into an immersive cinema-style event. Use the security cameras, smart lighting, automated controls and motion sensors to enjoy your home theater together. Recreate the thrill of going to the movies without leaving your living room. Treatlife provides the innovative devices to make any family film night feel like a VIP theater experience just right at home.