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How to Monitor Blind Spots in Your Home

Daniel Miller



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Even the most vigilant eyes have their limits, and it's these unseen areas that often pose the greatest risk. Besides, even with a 24/7 security system monitoring our homes, do you know there's a significant vulnerability we usually ignore? – The risk of intentional blind spot creation. Bad actors may carefully navigate around camera fields of view, purposefully avoiding detection and creating intentional blind spots in the surveillance coverage. 

Fortunately, we figure out a solution to mitigate the risks and eliminate intentional blind spots.

Your Strategy for Complete Coverage

Preparation is Key

Start by strategically placing Treatlife Presence Sensors in potential blind spots around your home. These little guardians work hand-in-hand with our security cameras to create an unbreakable surveillance chain.

Automation Configuration

1. Set presence sensor activation and detected presence state as a trigger condition.

2. Define the actions: activate security cameras, sound sirens, and automatically redirect cameras to preset viewpoints aimed at the detected presence location. Set a duration for the siren for up to 10 minutes.

how does motion sensor work

How the Magic Works

When a presence sensor detects human activity within its coverage area, it automatically triggers the integrated security cameras. The cameras swiftly reorient their fields of view toward the detected presence location. Simultaneously, the system generates an alert, notifying personnel of the detected presence and the camera's new position, enabling an immediate response if necessary.

how does motion sensor work

Empower Your Home with Treatlife

With the smart sensors and cameras, blind spots are a thing of the past. Ready to fortify your fortress with security cameras plus presence sensors