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Treatlife Smart Door & Window Sensor (Smart Hub Not Included)

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Brief Description of Treatlife Smart Door & Window Sensor Alarm

    • Smart Home Security Sensor: You will receive timely alert notifications from the smartphone app when the status of the protected device changes. For example, get real-time alerts at the exact moment you have an unexpected guest, a runaway child, an opened safe or an escaped pet. The Treatlife window door sensor gives peace of mind, anywhere, anytime.   
    • Automate Your Home: Trigger Treatlife smart devices or scenes, including Treatlife smart LEDs through the open&close status in the app, e.g., have your entryway lights on automatically when you open the front door. Work with the Treatlife app and support 3rd-party integration with Alexa and Google home, set an Alexa routine to say "welcome you home." All "open" and "close" history will be saved on the APP.
    • Multiple Scenarios: This door sensor alarm is an excellent security addition to any contact structure: garage doors, skylights, safes, etc. Watch the security barrier at the top of the stairs or in your child's room. Receive instant alerts if your medicine cabinet, freezer door or kitchen drawers are opened unexpectedly.   
    • Easy to Install: Installation is a breeze. Simply scan the QR code, connected  your smart door sensor to Treatlife app. Built-in 3V CR2032 battery can be used for 2 years or more. There is adhesive on the back on the sensor and magnet, make sure the surface is clean and dry, fitting it on any door or window. Offset as much at 5mm and gap of close to 1cm still works fine. Sensor detection is nearly instant!   
    • Treatlife Smart Hub Required: Treatlife Hub is required. Without Treatlife Hub, this zigbee door sensor does not work. To create more linkage scenes, please browse our Treatlife official store, only one gateway can realize the linkage between door contact sensor and smart devices such as switches, plugs or light bulbs, which can add infinite fun and technology to your smart life.    

    Product Description

    door sensor

    Smart Home Security Sensor

    make your home smart all at once

    part of your smart fridge

    protect your privace

    Keep an eye on toddlers & pets

    Elderly Care

    Part of your Smart Fridge

    If you have ever had to replace food that spoiled or melted and pay more electricity bills because the fridge/freezer door was left open, you can have it monitored now with this door sensor

    Protect your privacy

    The door sensor gives peace of mind anywhere anytime. Get real time alerts at the exact moment when your drawer, safes or any storage boxes for important items opened unexpectedly

    Keep an eye on toddlers & pets

    Sometimes equally as cute as they are hard to contain, you can deploy door sensors in your home on baby's security barrier and pet gates to confine your cuties and keep them safe

    Elderly Care

    If you have elderly parents at home while you are at work, monitoring the exterior doors can give you a sense of safety. Monitoring interior doors, such as bathroom and pantry can provide you with activity awareness