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Treatlife Smart Water Leak Detector (Hub Not Included)

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Brief Description of Treatlife Smart Water Leak Detector Alarm

  • Need to Know Before Order: Treatlife smart hub is required and sold separately. Treatlife Smart Water Leak Detector Alarm require a secured 2.4Ghz WiFi network connection. Avoid the amount of water exceeding the upper cover of the water sensor to affect its normal performance.
  • Low-cost and Effective: The sensitive water detector alarm will emit a 60 dB alarm sound when encountering water leakage or water flow, you can hear it even if you are in the basement or garden. The water level sensor is designed to warn you to turn off the water in time so that can be fixed before they become much costlier problems. The alarm will stop once the sensor is dry.
  • All-day Protection: Smart technology helps reduce the risk of water damage by providing 24/7 monitoring to help detect leaks. It will push APP notifications to you when a water leak alarm occurs such as a flooding basement or malfunctioning appliance even you're away from home.
  • Whole House Protection: The water leak sensor comes pre-installed with 2 AAA batteries(included). The battery usage on the APP will remind you when to replace the battery. The completely sealed IP67 waterproof design allows for extended use in high moisture areas, such as near or under toilets, water heaters, dishwasher, sink, bathtub, ect.
  • Automate Your Home: With more faster, stable, and energy-saving Treatlife Hub, the water detection alarm can be linked with Treatlife's smart devices. Like you can turn off the light and turn on the wifi water sensor at the same time. To explore endless possibilities, achieve more home automation and more comprehensive protection.

Product Description

water leak sensor

water detector alarm

water detector alarm

water alarm

water detector

water leak alarm

Sound alarm with sensitive probes

With probes on the front of the water alarm, it will notify you about any water pipe dripping.

WiFi smart hub supports multiple detectors

Available in single or multi-packs of water leak detectors, providing the opportunity to achieve whole home water management at any budget.

Monitor water leakage on your phone

After a successful connection, you can start to monitor water leakage through Treatlife App.