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Treatlife Zigbee Hub+Door Sensor+Motion Sensor Kit

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  • Quick and Easy Setup: Connect to the Treatlife App for smart home automation within minutes, without the need for network cables.
  • Hub can support Multiple Devices: Connect up to 128 Tuya Zigbee smart devices, and enjoy hands-free voice control with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.
  • Whole Home Coverage: With coverage of up to 50m from the hub to the WiFi router, worry-free Zigbee signal quality is guaranteed even through walls.
  • Motion Sensor provides Security Monitoring: Cover a wide area with 120° wide-angle coverage, 360° surround, and a 20 feet detection range, and turn on your indoor and outdoor lights to scare away potential intruders. Receive alerts on your smartphone app when motion is detected.
  • Smart Door Security Sensor: Receive instant alerts on your smartphone app when the status of the protected device changes. Get real-time alerts for unexpected guests, runaway children opened safes or escaped pets.
  • Automate Your Home: Trigger smart devices or scenes, including Treatlife smart LEDs, with the open and close status of the app. Use Alexa routines to say "welcome home," and save all open and closed history on the app. Automate your entire smart home lighting system by triggering lights with the motion sensor. Set timers and routines to control lights automatically and save energy by turning off lights when no motion is detected or when optimal daylight levels are reached.
  • Multiple Scenarios: Use the door sensor alarm for security purposes on garage doors, skylights, safes, or as a security barrier in children's rooms or at the top of stairs. Receive instant alerts for unexpected openings of medicine cabinets, freezer doors, or kitchen drawers. Use the Treatlife Motion Sensor to trigger other devices and set personalized scenes. Activate motion sensor night light mode for safe navigation at night.

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