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Treatlife 3-Way Smart Dimmer Switch 2Pack

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Brief Description of Treatlife Master 3-Way Smart Dimmer Switch 2Pack

      •  Easy To Install: The installation of Treatlife Master 3-Way Smart Dimmer Switch was fairly easy to follow based on the clear instructions provided. Just replace one of the two 3 way dimmer switches and leave your other existing 3-way switch in place. Make sure to install Treatlife switch on the line side (the source of power) and the 3-way switch on the other end needs to be a standard/dumb 3-way. Neutral wire required (a bundle of white wires), no hub required, works with 2. 4G WiFi only ( NOT 5G).
      • 2 Master 3-Way Smart Dimmer Switches: Comes with two main switches that could be used independently, you can install one to replace a current three way setup in a hallway and use the other one in a bedroom. Control the dimming of 1 Light from 1or 2 Places, can be used as a 3-way or single-pole switch. The smart dimmer switch is only for dimmable bulbs.
      • 1%-100% Touch Dimming & Voice Control: Slide a finger up or down to adjust the light brightness without clicking noise. Alexa and Google Home voice assistants make it easy to control and dim all the lights with voice commands. This smart light switch can memorize the last brightness setting to help you get the most comfortable light after powering on. Compatible with SmartThings but not Apple Homekit.
      • Remote Control & Schedule:Remotely control the lights in your home via APP on your smart phone for security purposes and convenience. Create schedules to automatically turn lights on or off at preset brightness based on your daily routine. App Remote and scheduling works great as well for when you're on vacation.
      • Reliable Technical Support: FCC certified. Flame-retardant material and built-in overheat protection for safety. 1-year warranty. If you have any questions about installation, use or any other aspect, feel free to contact our Treatlife team, we will check it for you timely and give you full guidance.

      Product Description


      APP Remote Control

      With the Treatlife APP, you can use your phone anywhere to check that lights are turned off when you are away and turn them off remotely if anyone accidentally leaves them on.

      Schedule and Timer

      Set a schedule using the APP to change the brightness or turn on or off. It's nice to have a timer that will make the lights on when you get home at night.

      Group Control

      You can add a group of Treatlife smart dimmer switch in the APP and turn on all lights in the house with one click, share the device to your family members.



      2 Three-way Master Dimmer Switches

      2 three-way master dimmer switches allow you to replace a current three way setup in a hallway and use the other master switch in a bedroom.

      Control 0 to 100% brightness of 1 light from 2 places just by sliding your fingers up and down, control them even when you aren’t home. Dimmers give you the wonderful feature of dimming the lights from your phone.


      Rated Voltage: 120V/60HZ
      Max Power: 150W LED, 150W CFL, 400W INC
      Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
      Applicable Equipment: Non-intelligent dimmable light bulbs

       How to connect it to WiFi?

      • Secured 2.4GHz WiFi Network
      • Please scan the QR code to download the APP
      • Press and hold the on/off button for 5 seconds until the red indicator light blinks rapidly to connect the network
      • If the indicator light remains red, it means that the device is not connected to the network
      • If the router is changed, please hold the on/off button for 5 seconds to reconnect to the network