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Smart Plugs

Smart plugs – what are they?

Smart plugs are devices that allow remote control of electrical equipment via a mobile app or voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa using Wi-Fi technology. Smart dimmer plugs are often used to control both indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as air conditioners, ceiling fans, televisions, or other devices that typically need to be manually turned on or off. As a result, they help save energy and increase the convenience of electrical appliances.

Smart dimmer plug - why should you have one in your home?

The smart dimmer plug is a helpful device for use in the home for several reasons. First, it allows you to dim the lighting easily and conveniently. This makes it easy to adjust the light level to suit individual needs and preferences, as well as the time of day or the activities being performed. Second, the smart dimmer plug can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or other Wi-Fi-enabled device. This way, you can change the light level from anywhere in the house without getting up from your chair or bed. Importantly, as a rule, smart plug-in lamp dimmers also have a child safety option, increasing overall safety in the home. Third, some models of smart dimmer plugs also allow you to schedule lighting, that is, to program when it should turn on and when it should turn off. This will enable you to simulate being at home when you leave for work or vacation, which can deter potential burglars. Finally, smart dimmer plugs are typically energy efficient and can help reduce electricity bills. With the ability to fine-tune light levels to suit your needs, you can avoid wasting energy on the lighting you don't need or whose intensity is too high.

Smart plugs from Treatlife - why choose them for smart home?

Smart home automation products from Treatlife have already won praise from more than 500,000+ families around the world.Β 


Our smart dimmer plugs are compatible with many popular smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. This makes it easy to integrate them with other devices in the home and control them via voice or a mobile app.

Multiple options for application

Besides, smart outdoor dimmer and smart indoor dimmer offer a wide range of functions, such as dimming, scheduling, monitoring energy consumption, and more. With their help, you can easily customize their operation according to your individual needs and preferences.

Easy to install and comfortable to use

The smart plug-in lamp dimmer also has the advantage of being easy to install and use. They only require connecting to a Wi-Fi network and pairing it with a mobile app. After this step, you can easily control them with your smartphone, voice, or schedules.

Is it worth it to use smart plugs in a smart home?

New technologies are creeping into almost every aspect of our lives, including homes. The use of smart plugs in smart homes is the future because of their convenience, flexibility, and a range of additional features that allow them to be tailored to individual needs and preferences. Together with smart switches, lighting, hubs, and sensors, they make our daily life easier and more comfortable. So explore the entire range of intelligent solutions from Treatlife and make your home smart to the measure of modern times!

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