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1. Cannot dim the lights

  • Make sure your light bulb is dimmable.

2. Light is off and the 7 indicator lights flickering

  • Please reduce total wattage to avoid overloading(400W INC / 150W CFL / 150W LED)

3. Cannot connect to the “Smart Life “APP

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is 2.4Ghz and the signal is strong enough.

  • Confirm the indicator light blinks quickly(twice/1s) to initiate APP- Config mode.If the indicator light is on/off/blinks slowly(once every 3s), long press the button for 5s.

  • If it still fails, confirm indicator light blinks slowly(once every 3s) to initiate AP Mode.

  • If all steps above fail, configure a hotspot from other mobile. If it works, confirm the devices number is within the capacity of router before pairing up.

4. Cannot connect to Alexa / Google Assistant

  • Make sure you’ve enabled “Smart Life” skill with your smart life account in Alexa APP.

  • More Info: Go to Smart Life > Device >More for instructions to link Alexa/ Google Assistant.

5. Cannot turn light on/off after setting up the APP successfully

  • Check if the live wire (usually black) and neutral wire (usually white) are connected reversely (see instructions for details)

6. Lights are too bright though dimming to the minimum level

  • Go to Dimmer Setting to adjust dimming range to desired brightness.

7. Lights flickering

  • Go to Dimmer Setting to switch mode and adjust dimming range until it stops flickering.