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What is a multi-way light circuit?
A multi-way circuit is where two or more light switches control the same light or set of lights. If there are two switches controlling the same light. For help with identifying a multi-way, see "How to identify a multi-way switch".

Is Teatlife switch compatible with multi-way (3-way)?
Yes, the Teatlife SS02 switch supports 3-way configurations.Models such as SS01S, SS02S, DS01 and DS02 do not support multi-way

What are the Requirements for Teatlife to work with multi-way?
Each switch location must have a Line, Load, Ground, Neutral, and Traveler for proper installation in a multi-way configuration, and all switches on the multi-way circuit must be replaced with Teatlife switches to maintain light control from each switch location. For more info, go here.

How does Teatlife multi-way work?
Teatlife switches replace the existing switches in your multi-way. Installation requires wiring Treatlife switches in place of your existing switches to maintain control of your lights.

Do I need to replace all the switches in the multi-channel with the Teatlife switch?
No, the Teatlife switch uses advanced line detection technology in accordance with the traditional switch wiring principle, so that smart switches can be combined with ordinary traditional switches.

How do I know if I have installed Treatlife switches correctly?
If installed correctly, the lights in the multi-way circuit will turn on when toggling the switch at any switch location. for more details, read here.

Can I use one Teatlife switch and one 3rd party switch together in a multi-way?
Yes, but the 3rd party switch must be an ordinary traditional switch, not a smart switch of other brands.