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This Father's Day, we honor the real-life superheroes—our dads. From guardians of safety to champions of style, find the perfect Treatlife gift for your super dad. Plus, enjoy a special 20% off sitewide with code SUPERDAD20.

Gifts to Protect Elder Super Dads

Wifi Presence Sensor

Ensures dad’s safety by monitoring movements and alerting for unusual activity.

Indoor Security Camera

Acts as a digital sentinel, providing round-the-clock surveillance.

Motion & Door Sensors

Alerts you to unexpected movement or unsecured doors, ensuring dad’s space is safe.

Gifts for Stylish Young Super Dads

2-in-1 Dimmer Light Switch & Fan Control

Controls both lighting and air flow with ease—ideal for dad’s comfort in summer.

Scene Controller

Enables dad to effortlessly create the right ambiance for any moment.

Outdoor Dimmer Plug

Transforms outdoor spaces with adjustable lighting, perfect for any dad who loves the outdoors.

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