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A multi-way circuit is where two or more light switches control the same light or set of lights. If there are two switches controlling the same light, the switches are both 3-way switches. Here is how to identify a 3-way switch.

A 3-way multi-way switch typically has four screw terminals:

-Ground (often green)
-Common (typically black, different from the Traveler terminals)
-Traveler (typically red and the same color as the other traveler)
-Traveler (typically red and the same color as the other traveler)

Look carefully at the mark or terminal color on the switch to help find the corresponding screw terminal.

NOTE: Terminal color or style may vary.

Before installing Treatlife, you should mark the wires which will be connected to the existing 3-way switch. The power cord should be connected to a common terminal. T1 and T2 should be connected to the tracking terminal.

For step-by-step instructions on how to install Treatlife products as part of a multi-way circuit, go to www.treatlife.tech