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Treatlife Smart Dimmer Switch,400W,Neutral Wire Needed

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Terminal SPST
Circuit Type 1-way
Actuator Type Push Button

Treatlife smart dimmer switch

  • Easy Installation of Treatlife smart dimmer switch. Neutral Wire is required, no hub needed, standard wall plate size, the smart switch supports up to 150W LED/CFL or 400W incandescent bulbs, Dimmable bulb only, 2.4G Wi-Fi only (NOT 5G); single-pole use only (NOT 3-way). Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the wiring process.
  • 0% - 100% Dimming: The smart dimmer switch can smoothly adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%, it meets the atmosphere needs of special moments in family life. Dim to a gentle glow to enjoy a candlelight dinner with your families. Brightness memory function will remember and turn back on to the last light setting when powered off.
  • APP & Voice Control: This led dimmer switch Controls the light from anywhere and anytime by the Smart Life/Treatlife App. Light Switch works with Alexa and Google Assistant. The dimmer switches are easy to control the light with a voice command when your hands are not free, "Alexa, turn on the bedroom light. "
  • Home Automation: Treatlife smart light switch creates schedules (timer or countdown) to automatically turn on and off the light based on everyday routines , It is great when you are on vacation to trick potential intruders. Also your family members can control the dimmer light switch by family sharing function.
  • Reliable use & Good Service: FCC Certified. Flame-retardant material and built-in overheat protection for added safety. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for user manual. Any unexpected quality issues, please contact us in time to activate your warranty service, we always stand behind our customers.

400w Smart Dimmer Switch Description

dimmer light switch

What is a neutral wire?

A neutral wire allows our switch to be powered while simultaneously allowing the lighting circuit connected to your lights to be power off.

Do I have neutral wires?

  • If your house was built in the mid-1980s or later, there is an excellent chance that you have neutrals everywhere in your home.
  • If there is an outlet (wall receptacle) near the switch, most likely that switch box has a neutral.
  • Switches that are ganged together have a much higher likelihood of having neutrals, no matter what year.

Checking the switch box

The best way is to check the actual wires in the switch box where you want to install Treatlife smart dimmer switch.

  • Please observe all safety precautions before handling the electrical wiring in your switch boxes.
  • Turn off your breaker box.
  • Take off the trim plate over the switch.
  • Remove the screws from your switch and pull out the existing switch to look at the wires.
  • If you see a white wire (or group of them), it is VERY likely that you have a neutral.

The only way to be absolutely sure that you have found a neutral wire is to check the voltage (110V/120V) between the white wire and the "hot" (usually black in color) wire in the box. In a standard switch/dimmer, the "hot" is using one of the two wires connected to the switch.

Technical Details of smart dimmer switch