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5 awesome things you can do with a Smart Plug

Alex Carter



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Smart devices can majorly increase our comfort. However, when thinking about smart devices we usually consider smart lighting, smart hubs, smart sensors, but rarely smart plugs. Yet, smart plugs can do awesome things too! Read our list of the 5 most amazing things that you can do with your smart plugs, and learn how awesome they can be!

What are smart plugs?

Smart plugs are elements of the smart housing system that allow you to control your electronic devices remotely. They might be incorporated into your smart home to turn various electronics on/off automatically, for instance at a particular time. As a result, they might serve many different functions.

The 5 most amazing things that you can do with a smart plug

Since smart plugs are controlled remotely and might be automated, they can have a lot of awesome uses. Here is our list of the 5 amazing functions for your smart plugs:

They can restart your router remotely - We all know the situation - something happens to the internet, and you need to restart your router. However, it is quite inconvenient to walk to the router every time. But, with smart plugs you don’t have to do it anymore - all you need to do is turn the router plug off in your smartphone, wait a couple of seconds and turn it back on - the router will restart without you breaking a sweat.

They can impress your kids and friends - After setting up your devices, you can start having fun - you might, for instance, pretend that you cast a spell, click on in the up, and turn the lights on - your kids will be delighted. And when it comes to your friends, if you click it sneaky enough, they might believe that your smart house runs on voice command - a great prank for sure.

They allow you to set up your holiday decorations remotely - It does not matter whether it’s Christmas or Halloween - with smart plugs you can turn your decorations on and off with a few clicks in your smartphone.

They make your house more secure - There are many ways in which you can use the smart plugs to make your home more secure. For instance, you can secure your home while travelling, by turning your TV on and off, creating the impression that someone is at home. Or, you might plug your garage door into a smart plug and keep it turned off. This way, nobody will be able to break into your garage, and you will still be able to get out, simply by activating the plug back on.

They let you get your coffee as soon as possible - You cannot imagine starting your day without coffee? With smart plugs, you will be able to automatically set up your coffee machine to brew you your favorite espresso right when you get up - so when you walk into the kitchen, the coffee will be ready, and you won’t have to wait.

Final thoughts

Smart plugs may have many awesome uses - these are only some of the possibilities. Try experimenting with smart plugs and see what amazing things you can achieve with them.

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