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How Smart Lighting Save You Money and Help Environment

How Smart Lighting Save You Money and Help Environment

Currently, the world is going through fast-paced changes where technology permeates every aspect of human life. This permeation includes homeowners that manage their homes in a "smart" way.

The most widely used innovation to come out of the age of the smart home is smart lights. People interested in beginning their journey into smart home technology usually start installing smart lights, as they are the most specific entry point. They also offer a slew of benefits that revolve around saving on your energy bills and therefore helping the environment.

This article explores some of the ways smart home lighting can reduce your energy and home lighting expenses which in turn helps the environment.

1. Never Leave Your Lights On Again

Even with LED light bulbs, leaving your lights on when you leave for work costs the average home roughly $180 a year. While most do not leave their lights on every day when leaving for work, everyone has forgotten to turn the lights off at one point or another. And, every time you forget to turn the lights off before you leave the house, your electricity bill increases. So, why not ensure you never forget to turn off the lights again with a motion sensor that automates your lighting to turn off whenever you leave and turn on whenever you enter?

With smart lighting, you can use motion sensors in any room where a smart light switch or smart light bulb gets installed. You can tell the lights to turn off when no one is in a room and only turn back on when they sense movement. By using motion sensors to automate your lighting, you ensure the lights are off anytime a room is empty.

You can easily automate your smart lighting with Treatlife’s Smart Motion Sensor. While Treatlife’s Smart Motion Sensor makes it easy to automatically turn off your lights when you leave the house, it also automates your lights based on the natural light in a room. If a room is sufficiently lit from sunlight, Treatlife’s Smart Motion Sensor automatically turns off your lighting to further save on your energy costs.

2. Use Less Energy by Dimming Lights

Old dimmers used to work by wasting energy turning it into heat instead of light to dim a light bulb. These old types of dimmers did not save energy regardless of how dim the light was. However, modern-day dimmers can save a significant amount of energy. Instead of wasting energy by turning it into heat, modern-day dimmers rapidly turn a light on and off resulting in energy savings. The dimmer a light bulb is, the longer amount of time it remains in an off position resulting in increased energy savings.

Beyond saving on electricity, dimming the lights can also help you sleep better. Melatonin, a hormone produced by the body, naturally increases in low light settings causing you to fall asleep.

Use the smart lighting system in your home to dim the lights an hour or so before you head to bed. The dim light will serve as a visual reminder that it is time to unwind, thereby triggering the release of melatonin by your body's endocrine system.

The Treatlife Smart Dimmer Switch gives a 0% to 100% dimmable range in your lights. It offers hands-free voice control to make it easy for you to dim the lights anywhere in your house. You can also set light schedules to automatically turn your lights on or off and dim them based on your regular routine. Start saving on your energy bill and create a room that matches your mood with Treatlife’s Smart Dimmer Switch.

3. Turn Your Lights Off from a Distance

Turning your lights on and off from a distance through a remote-controlled smart lighting solution ensures you can always turn your lights off if you forget before you leave. It also gives you peace of mind knowing your lights are off when you leave for vacation or work. This ensures you never accidentally waste money by leaving your lights on when you leave a room or your house. It also lets you turn your lights on before you even get home so you arrive at a well-lit house.

You can use TreatLife's Smart Color Changing Light Bulb from anywhere using the Treatlife App on your smartphone. Enjoy the convenience of being able to regulate your smart home lighting from any location, whether you are in bed, at work, or on vacation.

With a tap on the phone screen, you can make schedules, track real-time light status, connect devices, and even control a group of lights at once.

4. Smart Lighting Lasts Longer

With a lifespan of between 15,000 and 50,000 hours, the smart bulb lasts far longer than traditional incandescent bulbs which normally last between 750 and 2,000 hours. Based on typical household consumption of 3-4 hours a day, an LED bulb can last 15 to 25 years, while an incandescent bulb only lasts for about one year.

Smart LED lights such as Treatlife’s Smart Tunable White Bulb last even longer by maximizing that lifespan of 15,000 to 50,000 hours by ensuring they remain off whenever not in use. By switching to Smart LED lighting you can save money on the cost of light bulbs and help the environment by generating less waste.

5. Energy Efficiency Reporting

The amount of energy that various smart home technologies, including smart lights, consume can get monitored by these devices. Because of this, you can check the data on your usage to determine how much electricity you are consuming, which can suggest ways to reduce your energy consumption. You can also use the data to find ways of altering the time of day you use smart appliances and lighting to avoid peak use charges.


Everyone wants to find ways to save on their energy bill. Implementing smart lighting into your home offers you a quick and easy way to start reducing your energy bill today. Smart lighting offers high-quality light bulbs that last with innovative solutions that reduce your energy consumption. This also helps reduce your carbon footprint and the environment as a whole. So, get "smarter" today with TreatLife.