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Is Buying Smart Home Lighting Worth It?

Is Buying Smart Home Lighting Worth It?

Like any purchase, the benefits of smart home lighting must outweigh its cost to be worth buying. But, it’s not enough to compare the cost savings of reducing your electric bill with the cost of installing smart lighting. While reducing your energy bill is a great perk, it's far from the only benefit you’ll experience from smart home lighting.

Let’s take a look at the top five benefits of intelligent home lighting and then see how those benefits stack up against the cost of smart home lights, so you can make an informed decision.

The Top Five Benefits of Smart Home Lighting

Before we go over the costs of outfitting your house with smart lighting, let's go over five key benefits you can expect when installing smart lights.What are the benefits of smart lighting?

  1. Smart Home Lighting Saves You Money
  2. Smart Home Lighting Enhances Your Quality of Life
  3. Smart Home Lighting Makes Your House More Secure
  4. Smart Home Lighting Benefits the Environment
  5. Smart Home Lighting Helps You Develop Routines

1. Smart Home Lighting Saves You Money

First and foremost, smart home lighting reduces your electricity bill. An easy way to tell if smart home lighting is worth it for you involves comparing the amount you could save with the cost of the lights. If you can save more than you’ll spend on the lights themselves, smart home lighting is worth it for you before even considering the other benefits of smart lights.

Smart home lighting reduces your energy bill in a number of ways. Between motion detection and scheduling, you never have to worry about leaving your lights on again when you leave your house. Even with LED lights, leaving your lights on when you leave for work costs $180 per year.

Dimming smart lights with Treatlife’s 3-Way Smart Dimmer Switch also reduces your energy bill. Oftentimes, we don’t need the full power of our light bulbs. So, when we turn our lights on when we only need a portion of their power, we waste electricity. Smart light dimming capabilities let you set the power of your lights based on your needs. It also extends the life of your bulbs furthering the cost savings.

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2. Smart Home Lighting Enhances Your Quality of Life

Beyond saving you money on your energy bill, bringing smart lighting to your home can also improve your quality of life in a few key ways.

With color-changing smart lights such as Treatlife’s Smart Color Changing Light Bulb, you can dim the lights and set a warm color before bed. According to the Sleep Foundation, dimming your lights and using warm-colored lights can help with relaxation and put you in a sleeping mindset.

You can also use these same lights to set the mood in your house. Smart lights make it easy to dim or change the color of your lights throughout your entire house or in specific rooms with an app on your phone. You can also pair your smart lights with a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for even easier operations.

3. Smart Home Lighting Makes Your House More Secure

In the United States, a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds. They’re also most likely to occur during the daytime due to a higher likelihood of finding vacant homes. But, how can smart home lighting help secure your home from burglaries?

Smart lights can be set to turn on or off at regular times that you set. Regularly turning the lights on and off in your house even when you’re not home can give would-be burglars the appearance that your home is occupied. This can help whether you’re on vacation or at work.

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Beyond turning your lights on when you’re not home, you can also use Treatlife’s Smart Door & Window Sensor Alarm to send you real-time alerts of any activity in your house.

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4. Smart Home Lighting Benefits the Environment

Using smart home lights benefits the environment in the same ways they save you money. With residential energy use accounting for roughly 20% of Greenhouse Gases, reducing your energy consumption makes a meaningful impact. Smart lights also last significantly longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs helping you reduce the amount of waste your household contributes to landfills.

5. Smart Home Lighting Helps You Develop Routines

With smart lights, we can set them up to automatically turn on and off at specific times of the day. These pre-set times when your lights turn on or off can help you develop healthy routines. Whether it’s your lights automatically dimming an hour before you want to sleep or the lights in your gym turning on reminding you to work out, smart lighting can help you develop a healthier lifestyle.

The visual cues smart lighting provides can help remind you when you’re trying to create a new routine. Oftentimes, we simply forget when trying to create a new routine. So, use smart lights to help you develop new, healthy routines in your life. You can set up lighting schedules with any of Treatlife’s Smart LIghting products.

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How Much Does Smart Home Lighting Cost?

Usually, outfitting our house with the latest technology ends up costing an arm and a leg. But, smart home lighting ends up being an economical choice. Basic white smart light bulbs cost about $6.50 each which is only about $1.50 more than a standard LED bulb. For just $1.50 more per bulb, you can reduce your energy bill while improving your quality of life.

So, Is Smart Home Lights Worth the Initial Expense?

While replacing all of the lights in your house with smart lights might not pay off with energy savings, slowly switching to smart lighting as your current bulbs die can save you money in the long run. Not only do smart lights barely cost more than standard LED bulbs, but they can also improve your life in more ways than one.

So, the next time you need to replace a light bulb in your house, start making the switch to smart lighting. You can install them one bulb at a time to spread out the expense or install them room by room. Either way, you get the full functionality of smart lighting without a huge upfront expense.