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Don't Gamble with Safety - Choose Smart Smoke Alarms Over Traditional Ones

Alex Carter



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Do you have any traditional or old smoke alarms? Studies show that around 96% of homes still use old battery-powered smoke alarms that are over 10 years old. These outdated alarms rely on ionization sensors that are slower to detect smoldering, flaming fires. They often run low on battery without homeowners realizing.

The Dangers of Outdated Alarms

Older alarms have a higher failure rate and faster false alarm frequency. Their sensors deteriorate over time, causing them to malfunction and not alert properly to smoke and fire. Outdated single-station alarms also require manual upkeep. Once batteries run down, the alarm is useless until the battery is replaced, leaving homes vulnerable.

Up to Ten-year of Battery Life

Never worry about changing batteries again with the Treatlife Smart Smoke Alarm. This alarm is equipped with a long-lasting 10-year battery, eliminating the need for annoying battery replacements. The built-in battery provides a full decade of power, keeping your home protected even when you forget to check the battery level.

No more late night battery changes or climbing ladders to swap out drained batteries. The long-life battery even continues working during power outages, providing constant monitoring of smoke and fire threats.

The Treatlife smart smoke alarm's impressive 10-year battery lifespan significantly cuts down on battery waste while ensuring reliable smoke and fire detection. Focus on what matters without disruptive low battery chirps. 

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Hassle-free Self-check

The Treatlife smart smoke alarm takes smoke detection reliability even further with its intelligent self-check feature. The alarm automatically runs periodic self-tests to ensure all sensors and alarm functions are working properly.

If any issues are detected during the self-check, the alarm will immediately notify you.

The self-testing feature identifies problems before smoke is present, preventing failure during a real emergency. And with real-time notifications, you can quickly resolve any problems discovered during self-checks to keep your smoke alarm fully operational. 

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Smart 2 in 1 Detection

This advanced alarm doesn't just detect smoke, it also monitors air quality for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

The alarm's electrochemical CO sensor accurately detects elevated levels of toxic carbon monoxide gas to alert you of this silent killer before it's too late. And the photoelectric smoke sensor uses advanced techniques to spot smoke particles from smoldering and flaming fires.

With both smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring in one device, the Treatlife alarm offers complete threat detection. Rest assured knowing this smart alarm is continuously working to keep your home safe from both smoke-based and carbon monoxide dangers.

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Don't compromise your family's safety with outdated smoke alarms. Get the full fire protection your home needs with Treatlife smart smoke alarms. Keep your home smart and safe!