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How do smart plugs work with Alexa? 5 tips

Alex Carter



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Smart homes and voice commands are inseparable. After all, this it what makes the “wow” effect. Alexa, Siri or Google Home – there are numerous options to integrate voice commands into your intelligent household. In this article, we will focus on the first one and its integration to a particular kind of devices – smart plugs. So, how do smart plugs work with Alexa? Let’s find out together!

How do smart plugs work with Alexa?

While voice activation is a marvelous feature, you first need to integrate it into your smart home. Then you need to set it up to enjoy the full functionality of such a merge. How do smart plugs work with Alexa and what you should focus on? Here are a few tips:


Think about the type of smart plugs – You need to choose smart plugs which work with Alexa. It is crucial – otherwise your Alexa won’t recognize your plugs, thus it won’t be possible for you to set up your voice commands.

Consider what appliances you will plug in – While voice activated lights are great, what can you do with a voice activated plug connected to your refrigerator? Probably not much. Thus, you need to consider whether you need that particular plug to react to what you say.


Rename your plugs – If you want to make a full use of voice commands, you’ll need to name each device. This way, you will have precise control over your smart plugs, without turning on/off the wrong ones.

Group your plugs – Another great option is grouping your smart plugs. This will give you control over several devices with one command. Maybe you want to control all the lights in your living room? Or turn on all your holiday decorations at once? These are just a few awesome things that you can do with smart plugs if you group them.

Ensure that everybody uses Alexa – Turning your smart plugs off manually can sabotage your voice commands – a physically turned off plug will not respond to your Alexa app. Thus, you have to ensure that everybody in your household uses Alexa, if you want the system to work properly.

Which smart plugs work with Alexa?

When it comes to smart plugs which work with Alexa, we recommend our Treatlife smart plugs. They do not require a hub and will also work with other assistants, such as Google Home. You can combine them with other smart home solutions, such as smart lightbulbs and sensors, to create an intelligent house fit for the 21st century!

The takeaway

There is quite a choice of options how to make your smart plugs work with Alexa. Grouping devices and re-naming them is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. Try the smart plugs yourself and see in what ways they can make your life easier.

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