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How to turn an old home into a smart home? Recommended devices

Alex Carter



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Smart homes are wonderful – they are comfortable, convenient and efficient. Unlike the common belief, you don’t have to design your whole house with smart devices in mind – it is also possible to change your old home into an intelligent one. So, how to turn an old home into a smart home? We will answer this question below. Enjoy!

How to turn your old home into a smart home? A list of suggested devices

There are numerous house automation solutions available in the market. Yet, you don’t need all of them to turn your old home into a smart home. Thus, the list here presents only the most recommended devices with which you will effortlessly upgrade your quality of life.

Smart light bulbs

Smart lighting is the most common IoT solution installed in houses. Many people use intelligent light bulbs even without setting up any other smart devices. It is so because smart light bulbs have numerous benefits. Adjusting the light intensity, automatically turning on or off, in-app control – all of these functions are eye-catchy. For many people, this is the first thing that comes to their mind while hearing “smart house”.

Smart plugs

If you wonder how to turn your old house into a smart house, you probably realize that you won’t be able to exchange all your devices for intelligent ones. Purchasing a smart dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer or TV requires quite a budget. It’s still good to do this gradually, however there is an instant solution to this issue.

Smart plugs may be installed in your whole house. While they won’t give you full control over your devices, you will still be able to turn them on/off automatically. It will work better with things like radio, shades or TV, while being less effective for kitchen appliances, but with smart plugs you will quickly turn your old home into a smart one.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are a fine way to achieve the best temperature in your home effortlessly. Integrate them with your HVAC systems, set the desired temperature and forget about temperature regulation – it will be done automatically for you. Moreover, smart thermostat usage is among the best energy saving strategies for winter. The heating will be turned on only when the temperature drops below the set level. Thus, you will avoid excessive heat and high energy bills.

Smart sensors

Keeping yourself and your family safe is on the top of the list of priorities. This might be achieved with smart sensors. Motion sensors will be magic when it comes to security, while smoke or CO ones will keep you safe at all times. They have numerous advantages over their regular counterparts – you can read about them in our article “Why should every home install smart smoke sensors”.

The take away

There are numerous ways how you can turn an old home into a smart one. Start with the devices from our list, gradually add more complex appliances, and you will be able to experience a smart setting in no-time.

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