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Must-Have Treatlife Smart Sensors to Secure Your House

Alex Carter



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With the rise in smart home technology, there are now more ways than ever to monitor and secure your home. One of the most useful smart home devices for home security are sensors - small connected devices that detect motion, doors/windows opening, water leaks, and more. 

If you're looking to build out your smart home security system, Treatlife makes some of the best affordable smart sensors on the market. Here are some must-have Treatlife sensors to help secure your home:

Treatlife Door & Window Sensor

One of the most basic but necessary smart home security devices is a sensor that detects when a door or window is opened. The Treatlife door & window sensor is an inexpensive contact sensor that immediately alerts you when your door or window is opened. Place the sensor on entry doors, patio doors, windows, garage doors, drawers, and even mailbox, or any location that you want to monitor. You'll receive an instant notification if that entry point is opened while you're away. You can even set up automations like turning on porch lights when a door is detected opened at night. Furthermore, advanced automation like when the door is opened for consecutive 30 minutes, turn off the air conditioner or heater, which helps you save electricity bills.

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Treatlife Motion Sensor

Motion sensors detect movement and can inform you when someone is present at the monitor area. The motion sensor functions as an alarm: it pivots and swivels with 120 degrees wide-angle coverage, 360 degrees surround and 20 feet detection range. It spots any movement around. You can set up automations to switch on lights when motion is detected, helping scare away potential intruders at night. Another way that is faster is to create linkage for Treatlife motion sensor and smart switches. Place Treatlife motion sensors in entryways, hallways, living rooms, or any area you want to monitor for activity. You'll be notified when the sensor detects movement. 

how does motion sensor work

Treatlife Water Leak Detector

One smart home hazard that often goes unnoticed are water leaks from appliances and plumbing. A water leak detector like the Treatlife water detector can detect water leaks before major damage occurs. The wireless water leak detector monitors leak-prone appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators with ice makers, and hot water heaters. The water detector is also great for detecting leaks in home plumbing. Leaks can develop under sinks, behind toilets, or anywhere there is plumbing running through walls and floors. Put the water leak detector near bathroom sinks to be alerted if a pipe starts dripping behind the vanity. Or place it near the main home water shut-off valve to detect leaks anywhere in the plumbing system. If you have a basement or crawlspace that requires a sump pump, a water leak detector can let you know if the sump pump fails. Place the detector near the sump pump discharge pipe. If you get an alert, you'll know the pump has stopped working and water is accumulating. Apart from the common alerts, you can even set up automations to trigger other devices when water leaks occur. This is an enhancement to home security.

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Treatlife Smoke Alarm

Home safety should be no doubt a top priority, and smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) present two major risks. The Treatlife 2 in 1 Smart Smoke & CO Alarm provides whole-home protection by detecting both smoke and CO. This isn't your average smoke detector. The Treatlife alarm uses advanced dual sensors to detect smoke and CO before danger levels are reached. If smoke or CO are detected, the alarm will immediately trigger a loud 85dB siren to alert those in your home. But what makes the Treatlife alarm truly smart is its ability to integrate with your other smart devices. If smoke or CO is detected, the alarm will send instant push notifications to your smartphone, no matter where you are or even give you a call or text you messages. This allows you to alert family members and contact emergency services promptly if danger is detected in your home when you're not there. The smart alarm also sends alerts for low battery power so you know when it's time to change batteries. Advanced smoke and CO detection can cost a fortune with traditional security systems. But the Treatlife alarm brings smart safety to your home at an affordable price, with no monthly fees required. Protect what matters most with the Treatlife 2 in 1 Smart Smoke & CO Alarm. Rest easy knowing your home and family are protected day and night.

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Monitor Your Home from Anywhere

With Treatlife smart sensors, you can easily monitor your home right from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Pair the sensors with a Treatlife smart hub and you'll receive instant notifications if any sensor is triggered. You'll have peace of mind knowing you're immediately alerted to any activity in your home. By the way, the smart smoke alarm doesn’t require a hub. You can directly add it to the Treatlife App to help you monitor household safety 24/7.

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Affordable Smart Security

The best thing about Treatlife's smart home devices is that they make robust home security affordable. You can build a DIY smart home security system starting from $18.99 for a door sensor, without professional installation fees or expensive monthly fees.  

Protect your home with popular Treatlife smart sensors for doors, windows, motion, leaks, smoke. With Treatlife, smart security is easy and attainable for any home.