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Safety Upgrades for Your Smart Home

Alex Carter



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For many families, having a sense of security at home is paramount. However, it can appear that there are more concerns to be aware of as smart home technology advances. The good news is that, when utilized correctly, smart home gadgets can actually increase safety. Treatlife provides a wide selection of tools that help you stay alert and strengthen security. Treatlife's cameras, sensors, illumination, and other advancements might help deter danger by updating important house components. Putting in place the appropriate smart home security systems also gives you the assurance that your family and belongings are safe even while you're not home.

Secure Your Home with Treatlife Cameras

The security cameras from Treatlife offer visibility both indoors and outside, day or night. Treatlife WiFi Security Cameras, for example, have two-way audio, pan and tilt controls, and motion alerts that send a message to your phone when they detect activity. The Treatlife Outdoor Camera has 30 feet of infrared night vision and is waterproof for outside monitoring. Use Treatlife cameras to monitor entryways, watch over children and pets, and monitor activity when you're not there.

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Detect Dangers with Treatlife Sensors

Treatlife's smart sensors monitor your home's circumstances so you can react to hazards promptly. You are alerted to the dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide by the Treatlife Smoke Alarm. Before significant damage is done, the Treatlife Water Leak Sensor may identify floods and pipe failures. Motion sensors, such as the PIR Sensor, notify you of unusual activity and turn on lights when necessary. Use these sensors to find potential threats throughout your house.

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Light Up Safety with Treatlife Smart Lighting

Treatlife's smart lighting allows you to deter burglars by illuminating your property. Treatlife's Smart Bulbs come equipped with voice assistant integration, music syncing, schedules, and color adjusting to millions of colors. Accent lighting may be installed indoors or outdoors with the Treatlife Smart Outdoor Dimmer Plugs. Treatlife's lights can all be operated remotely with an app. Turn on lights at night or use timers to appear as though you are home even when you are not. Β 

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Keep Software Updated

Make sure your tablet or phone's Treatlife app is up to date. The software frequently adds helpful new features in updates. More significantly, though, is that program updates include security patches and enhancements that help keep your device safe from outside attacks. If at all possible, enable auto-updates.

You may take preventative steps to secure your property with Treatlife's smart home technology. Look out for new Treatlife products that have the potential to improve safety even more. You may feel secure knowing your house is guarded when the proper equipment is installed.