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How to integrate smart home devices?

Emily Johnson



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The key feature of a smart home is an interconnected system of automated devices. This is what makes your smart lighting and smart plugs communicate, thus making it possible for you to set up complex customization. But how to integrate all smart home devices? We will explain it in this article – read on if you are interested.

How to integrate all your smart home devices step-by-step

House automation solutions have to be connected together in order to reach their maximum potential. So, how to integrate your smart home devices? Here is our guide:

1. Choose a hub

You need to begin with choosing the hub. What you should focus here is compatibility – the smart home hub has to support the connection protocols of your smart devices, such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee or Bluetooth. Thus, it is best to select your hub and your devices at the same time.

2. Install the hub

While this step might sound simple, there are several aspects to consider. Firstly, you should place the hub somewhere in the middle of your apartment. This will ensure that all your smart home devices are in its range.

Secondly, you will have to connect the hub to your network – usually Wi-Fi. It is crucial if you want to have access to your devices remotely.

Finally, download the dedicated application and set it up. The app will serve as the interface for your smart-devices – the one place in which you can control them.

3. Add your smart home devices to the hub

The final step of integrating all your smart home devices is adding them to the hub. Check the manual of your hub to see how to pair each type of device. After adding them all, you can finally start setting up your smart home.

What to do next?

After integrating all your smart home devices through one hub, you can begin automizing your smart house. You might set up voice commands (depending on the type of hub), initiate lighting changes based on the time of day, or even secure your home. A smart home is an automated one – so try automating as many aspects as you find beneficial.

While setting up your automation, focus on:

The available options – each hub and application might come with different possibilities, so see what you can achieve with yours.

Testing – try out different solutions to find the ones that suit you.

Creating scenes – many applications allow creating scenes – modes with certain settings for several devices, such as ‘morning’ or ‘night’. 

Linking your account to Alexa, Google Home, or SmartThings – many hubs enable integration with the popular voice command systems. It’s a really convenient solution, so you should definitely check it out.

The takeaway

Combining all your smart devices into one, interconnected system allows for automation. But how to integrate all your smart home devices together? All you need is a hub compatible with your smart electronics. You set it up, pair the devices, and you can start customizing your smart home. 

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