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Unlock Next-level Automations With Treatlife Door Sensor: How to Guide

Emily Johnson



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The Treatlife door sensor opens up a world of convenient, energy-saving automations based on when your doors open or close. This clever little sensor attaches to any door frame and detects activity in real-time. You can then use this real-time state to trigger lights, AC, dehumidifier, and more.

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Basic Automations

Of course, basic automations like turning off AC when you leave home or lighting up a dark garage at night are useful starters. You can easily create automations like: When the back door closes, turn on patio string lights.

Creative Automations

But don't stop there! Get creative with more unique automations that have various benefits.

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Saving Energy

To save on electricity bills and maintain a comfortable home temperature, create a smart home automation that monitors the front door. If the front door remains open for over 30 consecutive minutes, automatically turn off the air conditioner and send a text message or push notification alerting you that "The front door has been left open for over 30 minutes, so the AC has been switched off." 

Once the front door has been closed for at least 10 minutes, signaling that it is no longer being propped open, automatically turn the air conditioner back on and send confirmation that "The front door has been closed for over 10 minutes, so the AC has been switched back on." This automated system will prevent the air conditioner from needlessly running and wasting energy when the front door is left open for an extended period of time. It also provides peace of mind through notifications that the AC is off when appropriate and resumed normal operation when the door is closed again. Implementing these types of automations can provide both energy savings and enhanced home climate control.

Smart Security

Implement home automations that enhance safety and security when you're sleeping or away. Set up notifications to alert you of potentially dangerous situations such as doors left open. Some examples:  If the front or back door is left ajar late at night for more than 5 minutes, call your phone to grab your attention. This notification can help ensure no doors are accidentally left open overnight. 

If the garage door is open for more than an hour, send a text message or call your phone. Getting an alert if the garage is open for an extended period can warn you if it was left open unintentionally, preventing possible theft.

Family care

Install a smart door sensor at your elderly parent's home that detects when their front door is open. If the front door is left open for over an hour, send yourself a text message or make a phone call to let your parent know if the front door is left open for more than an hour. If they forgot to close the door, it really helps.

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Possibilities are Endless! As you can see, there are countless ways to activate additional devices in your house with smart door sensors like Treatlife's. To conserve energy, improve security, and take advantage of family care, be creative with your own custom automations. Your automation ideas become a reality with the Treatlife door sensor!