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Voice Commands & Treatlife: the Pro's Guide to Hands Free Home Control

Emily Johnson



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In the era of smart homes, hands-free home automation is the way of the future. With smart assistants, you only need to use your voice commands to operate everything from lighting to security to household appliances.

What is Voice Control?

Switches were initially needed for home automation, then remote controls, and finally smartphone apps. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and voice recognition, home automation has now reached an entirely new level—spoken instructions. Thanks to the ease of voice control for home appliances, you are liberated from the limitations of manual controls, creating a smooth, natural, and cutting-edge living environment.

Setting Up Voice Control

Setting up voice control on Treatlife devices is easy. As follows:

  • Connect to a voice assistant: Products from TreatLife are compatible with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and even Siri. First, make sure your smart speaker or smartphone's speech assistant is set up.
  • Add your Treatlife devices: Once your voice assistant is set up and working properly, please make sure your TreatLife devices are added to the TreatLife. If you haven't already, complete the straightforward setup instructions that come with your Treatlife device.
  • Finish account linking: Launch the voice assistant's app, such as, Google Home App and Alexa App, navigate to the "Add Device" or "Skills & Games" area, enter "TreatLife" in the search box, and then link your TreatLife account to Google or Alexa.
Setting up your device for voice commands in TreatLife
Linking account for voice commands in TreatLife
Adding device for voice commands in TreatLife
Connecting the device for voice commands in TreatLife

Mastering Voice Commands: Pro Tips

After setting up your Treatlife devices for voice control, get some pro tips here:

  • Give Your Devices Wise and Specific Names: Give each device a unique, succinct name. Your voice assistant will be able to manage and recognize them more easily as a result. As an example, when calling your living room light, use "Living Room Light" rather than "Light".
  • Create Routines: With voice assistants, you may create special routines where a single command starts a string of connected actions. A "Good Night" routine can involve switching off all the lights, dim all light bulbs, etc.
  • Review Commands for Particular Devices: Discover the commands unique to your device. For instance, Treatlife smart bulbs allow you to adjust brightness, change light bulb colors, set the ceiling fan speed, and add the devices to the same room for group control.
Light color voice control with TreatLife
LED string lights voice control with TreatLife
Ceiling fan voice control with TreatLife

Smart homes that can be operated by voice are already a reality, and TreatLife makes it possible for anybody to access this reality. They aren't only science fantasy inventions anymore. As you integrate and get used to TreatLife devices and voice commands, you'll encounter a totally new level of comfort, ease, convenience, and delight. TreatLife cordially invites you to benefit from the future hands-free, automated home.

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