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What is a smart home? 4 things you need to know

Emily Johnson



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Smart technologies are becoming increasingly common. Smartphones, smart cars, even smart homes. The last one is especially intriguing – a couple of years ago it was pure fiction, known only from some futuristic movies. Now it is the reality – not a standard, but real. Yet, what we know from movies is not exactly what we have right now. So, what is a smart home, and what should you know about it? Let’s find out together in this article!

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a residence equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can be controlled remotely. It can be set up wirelessly or through a hardwired system. There is a plethora of smart devices, such as smart sensors, switches, or lightbulbs. They can be managed both through voice and by mobile apps.

What are the advantages of smart home?

Smart homes are a great solution, since they come with many benefits. These include: 


You can easily control all your devices through several clicks in the app, or through voice commands. With smart homes, you can forget about manually switching your electronic equipment on/off.


Smart homes are significantly more secure than traditional ones. You can set up notifications on your phone, and control whether someone entered your home during your absence. What is more, when going on vacation, you can set up lights, TV or whatever you wish to turn on at certain times – this will create an impression that you are at home and repel any potential burglars.

Energy efficiency

Using smart home devices enables you to save on your energy bills. Many of the smart solutions come with functions that allow you to cut your electricity usage, for instance by turning off the plugs to reduce standby energy consumption (responsible for 5-10% of your bill!) or adjusting the heating/air conditioning.


One of the key benefits of living in a smart home is automation. You can both set up your devices to automatically change the way they work at certain parts of the day, or they might adjust on their own. This enables creating the best conditions for waking up, going to sleep or relaxing in the afternoon. It might also be used to enhance security – setting up the alarm to turn on automatically in the evening is easier than remembering about it every day.

How does smart home technology work?

Smart home technology is based on two principles: connectivity and house automation. The devices connect with each other directly or through a hub, and create an integrated network. There are 3 main elements of such connection:

Hub – In centralized smart home solutions, the hub is the ‘heart’ of the network – the place where all the signals meet.

Smart Devices – The smart plugs, lightbulbs and sensors which you control.

Interface – Usually an application in which you can access all your devices and set them up.

How to keep your smart home secure?

Since now you know what a smart home is, we need to underline the importance of security. You need to keep your network safe from potential cyberattacks – therefore, you must only use secure, complicated passwords and change them regularly.

Additionally, remember about software updates. They are frequently focused on improving security, so download them as soon as they are available.


What is a smart home? It’s an automated residence furnished with IoT devices. These may be controlled in an app or through voice commands. Smart homes come with many advantages: energy efficiency, automation, improved security and convenience. The technology is based on wireless networks – the devices communicate with each other through special protocols. Thus, if you want to keep your smart home secure, you need to pay attention to creating strong passwords and updating your software regularly.

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