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How Presence Sensors Help Lower Energy Consumption

Daniel Miller



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These days, with the cost of electricity increasing so quickly, everyone wants to be more energy efficient. It's also a step in the right direction for the environment. But making sure to turn off lights, electronics, and HVAC systems when not in use can easily slip our minds. This is where Treatlife Presence Sensors can truly make a difference.

Treatlife's smart presence detector uses the 24GHz mmWave Radar smart sensor to automatically detect whether people are present in a room or location. This enables for executing energy-consuming devices based on occupancy. For example, configure automations to turn lights and other household appliances on and off based on human presence.

Lighting Control

Have you ever exited a room or your residence without turning off the lights? When the last person leaves, lights can be programmed to switch off automatically thanks to presence sensors. You won't inadvertently use too much electricity for superfluous lighting ever again. At night, lights can be turned back on instantaneously by someone entering.

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Bathrooms, basements, corridors, even game areas and home offices are common locations for presence sensors. Keep the lights off when no one is in these areas to avoid the situations where families leave the lights on after they have left.

Temperature Optimization

Heating and cooling accounts for a huge portion of home energy usage. Use the presence sensors as well as the smartceiling fan switches to create automations in the Treatlife App, where you can set back temperatures when rooms aren't occupied. Therefore, effortlessly prevent wasted energy on conditioning empty spaces.

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Electronics Management

Treatlife's smart automations automatically power down devices such as TVs, computer monitors, game consoles, and kitchen appliances when people leave the room, saving energy without the need for manual shut-offs. Integrate the presence sensor with the smart plugs to turn these electronics on/off. No more wasted energy from idle devices.

how does motion sensor work

The best thing is how simple it becomes to save energy. The Treatlife system takes care of everything automatically depending on the actual occupancy levels in every room of your house, saving you the trouble of remembering to manually turn things off. Consumers often reduce their energy costs by 10% to 25%.

Apart from the advantages for the environment, Treatlife's energy savings can swiftly cover the system's cost. One of the numerous benefits of automating your home with Treatlife is smarter energy use.