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Mastering your TreatLife's Smart Plugs: From Installation to Usage

Daniel Miller



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Creating a smart home does not always necessarily require a large expense and complicated configurations. Sometimes all you need is a simple device like a smart plug. We'll walk you through the process of mastering your TreatLife smart plugs, from smart plug installation to everyday smart plug usage, in this blog article.

How to Install a TreatLife Smart Plug? A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Unbox and plug in your device

Remove your TreatLife smart plug from its packaging and connect it to a standard wall socket. Check that the socket is operational and that the plug fits properly.

Step 2: Download the TreatLife app

Download the TreatLife app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and create a new account if you haven't previously. Sign in to your account to begin the setup process.

Step 3: Pairing your device

In the app, tap on the “+” icon in the top right corner and select “Add Device.” Select the Smart Plug option, and ensure the smart plug is blinking rapidly. This indicates that it’s ready for pairing. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the pairing process.

How to install TreatLife smart plug? Step 1
How to install TreatLife smart plug? Step 2

Smart Plug Usage

After you've successfully installed and set up your TreatLife device, here's how to use a smart plug and get the most of it:

Control appliances remotely

You can control your plugged-in devices from anywhere using TreatLife smart plugs. You can use the app to turn them on and off, and set up schedules.

Voice control

TreatLife smart plugs are compatible with popular smart assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. You can use voice commands to control the devices plugged into your smart plugs. For instance, saying “Alexa, turn on the air conditioner” will start cooling down your house before your arrival.


Set up automations and scenes in your TreatLife app. For example, you can program your living room lights to turn on at sunset or set your coffee maker to start brewing as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning.

Group control

You may add several TreatLife smart plugs to the same group and control them all at once using the group control option. This is especially helpful in spaces with many appliances.

Pairing TreatLife smart plug: Step 1
Pairing smart plugs: step 2

Controlling Brightness

You can adjust the brightness of your connected lights using the dimmer plug. Change the brightness with the TreatLife app to your taste.

Smart plug usage: brightness control

Smart Plugs’ Advanced Features

TreatLife smart plugs also have a bunch of additional capabilities that improve your smart home experience:

Away Mode

This setting creates the impression that someone is at home even while you are not, discouraging possible intruders.

Child Lock

Lock the physical button, to prevent children from turning the plug on/off by mistake.

Sharing Control

Share control of your smart plug with family members or friends, giving them the ability to control your devices too.

How to use a smart plug: sharing control
How to use a smart plug: shared control


Set timers for your appliances to turn on/off automatically after a defined length of time, saving energy.

How to use smart plug for scheduling

The Takeaway: Smart Plug Installation & Usage

In this article, we have discussed the process of smart plug installation and usage. The TreatLife smart plug is a simple yet effective device that adds convenience, automation, and smart control to your home. You can completely handle your smart home setup if you comprehend its capabilities and functionalities.

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