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Treatlife Dimmer Switch vs Dimmer Plug: Which is Better for Light Dimming?

Alex Carter



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Treatlife has two wonderful solutions for controlling and dimming the lighting in your home: the dimmer switch and the dimmer plug. But which one should you go with? We'll examine the essential features and benefits of Treatlife's dimmer switch and dimmer plug in this blog article to help you determine which is best for your requirements.

Dimmer Switch vs Dimmer Plug

Treatlife Dimmer Switch Overview

The Treatlife dimmer switch is designed to replace a regular light switch and allows you to dim and brighten the connected lights simply. Here are some things you should know when utilizing a Treatlife dimmer switch:

  • Works seamlessly with all common lighting types including incandescent, halogen, and dimmable bulbs. Has a slide control rather than preset brightness levels for more flexibility.
  • Features soft-on technology that eliminates lights turning on at full brightness. This helps preserve bulb life.
  • Works with a single pole, 3-way, and multi-location wiring. Lets you control lights from multiple locations.
  • Features built-in LED locator light that makes the switch easy to find in the dark.
  • No hub is required but requires neutral wire.
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Treatlife dimmer switch

Treatlife Dimmer Plug Overview

The Treatlife dimmer plug allows you to dim lights by plugging them into the smart plug. Here are some must-knows about using a Treatlife dimmer plug:

  • Simply plug in, no wiring is required. Easy to set up without an electrician.
  • Portable so you can use it anywhere. Easily move lights to different rooms.
  • Dims lights with the built-in slide controller. Stemless dimming capabilities.
  • Offer dual outlet options. Two US-standard outlets on the left and right, you can control two table lamps or floor lamps at the same time.
  • Offer both outdoor and indoor options. With ABS fireproof material, the outdoor dimmer plug allows you to safely use this dimmer plug to light your outdoor string lights, bedside lamp, or any party lights.
TreatLife dimmer plug

Common Features of Dimmer Switch and Dimmer Plug

The Treatlife dimmer switch and dimmer plug share certain crucial features, despite the fact that they operate in different ways. Both are remotely controllable via the Treatlife app, allowing you to turn lights on/off, adjust brightness, create schedule, and set up automations from anywhere.

When integrated with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, they also offer voice control. Furthermore, the dimmer switch and dimmer plug both provide stepless dimming, so you're not bound to certain brightness presets. The light level can be fine-tuned to just what you require. To truly dim the lights, both options have minimum brightness levels. They also do not require the usage of a hub or bridge. Overall, the Treatlife dimmer switch and dimmer plug share key smart lighting capabilities that make it easier to adjust and control lights.

Outdoor dimmer group control
Schedule and timer features of dimmer switch vs dimmer plug

Conclusion and Recommendation

In summary, the Treatlife dimmer switch has built-in light dimming at the switch, whereas the dimmer plug has portable dimming from the outlet.

Choose the dimmer switch if you wish to permanently add dimming capability for built-in lighting. The dimmer plug, on the other hand, is certainly the preferable solution if you want the flexibility to move smart lighting around or dim lamps/appliances without wiring.

The Treatlife dimmer switch is usually preferable for whole-house light dimming. The dimmer plug, on the other hand, is highly beneficial for easily adding dimming to floor and table lamps.

Either Treatlife option is an excellent choice for upgrading to smart dimmable lights on a budget.

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