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Embrace TreatLife Month

This August, as a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support, we've orchestrated an array of captivating events and irresistible discounts.

Exclusive Limited-Time Offers

40% Off Coupon Code: TREATLIFE40
20% Off Coupon Code: TREATLIFE20

Smart Light Switch (40% Off)

Let the coziness awaits you with simple voice commands.
Apply the code TREATLIFE40 at checkout to save 40%.

Outdoor Dimmer Plugs (20% Off)

Transform your outdoor spaces for relaxation and gatherings with these gadgets. Apply the code TREATLIFE20 at checkout to save 20%.

Indoor Dimmer Switches/Plugs (20% Off)

Elevate your indoor spaces of comfort and delight. Set the perfect mood for relaxation with these essentials. Apply the code TREATLIFE20 at checkout to save 20%.

Smart Lighting & Sensors (20% Off)

Enhance your home's safety with smart sensors that detect and alert you to potential threats. Harness the power of automations for added convenience and peace of mind. Apply the code TREATLIFE20 at checkout to save 20%.

Share Your Treasured TreatLife Journey

Join our "Share Your TreatLife Journey" event and make your story heard.

Β· Share with us your first TreatLife device Β· How long you've been with us Β· Your thoughts, suggestions, or even criticisms.

Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and grow. Plus, you'll stand a chance to win exciting prizes! Send your story to marketing@treatlife.tech now!

Lucky TreatLife Month Giveaway

As a token of our immense gratitude, we're spotlighting lucky TreatLife Month participants for an exclusive giveaway! From the "Share Your TreatLife Journey" event, a fortuitous winner will be revealed in September. Best of luck!